Update #5 – Back to Beef

After taking a couple months break from recording to play some festivals, see Dave get married (Congrats Dave!) watch Back the the Future in an our door cinema and get some perspective on what we had already recorded, we are back on full steam.

Two weeks ago, I gave brought another three song ideas to the table. We thought we had the 11 tracks for the album nailed, so this changes everything. But these ideas have something we are all excited to try out. Within 2 weeks, the songs we’re practiced, tweaked and ready to record….

Today, we’re back in the studio tracking drums to the three additional ideas and Dave’s drumming is on fire! It sounds incredible. It isn’t long before he has nailed some great takes for each song and we are listening back. It’s almost surreal how quick these have come together.

Next week, we lay down the final guitar and bass parts, leading way for the vocals the week after.

It’s so close now, these three new tracks may have put us back a couple of weeks, but it will so worth the delay.

More soon,

Update #4 : Guitar World

So we’re on our 3rd day in the studio, finishing the remaining guitar and bass tracks.

Last week we managed to knock out half the bass tracks after spending a bit of time playing with pedals and microphones getting the right sound, as well as start work on a couple of guitar layers.

This week we booked another long session and was able to get smothered in guitars. We had plenty of different Fuzz pedals and Fx to hand and worked on some interesting sounds for different songs & sections. It’s starting to really come together, with each song now building it’s own character. It’s always fun messing around with sounds and fx pedals, a lot of sounds are made in the moment you can’t always recreate, it adds some something unique to each take you record.

After a long day, we had accomplished all bass tracks and all the main guitars. We have some overdubs and some acoustics still to do, but next we will be doing some vocals.

Can’t wait to hear how this record comes out.


Bass tracking. Update #3

Today I got on a train and headed into Southend to start the bass tracking for our second album. 

I arrived at the studio to see Steve waiting to get going, we both couldn’t wait to add some guitars to these drums tacks we have been listening too for 2 weeks. Dave done a great job on then and now it was our turn. 

We decided to start with 6 songs, so nothing was rushed and we could take our time getting a nice biting bass growl on the go. It definitely sounded BIG!!

I’m really happy with how it went and how it sounded. 

Looking forward to getting back to it next week. 

This album is going to sound AWESOME! 


Recording update #2

Last weekend we had a long session recording a tonne of drums (which are sounding AWESOME!) and this week I’ve spent mixing & editing the tracks ready for recording everything else on top.

We have all the music to these tracks written and well rehearsed, but some of the vocals have been left until last, so during this weeks editing session I had a chance to tackle a chunk of melody ideas I had, as well as go over the pages of scribbled lyrics and notes I’d built up the past 6 months.

Bass and Guitars are next and we’ve got some new toys to play with!….


Back to the Recording studio… update #1

It doesn’t feel it, but a year ago today we released our debut album ‘Stuck in a Void’.

A year to the day later, we have started tracking drums to our second album. Originally we planned to do another EP, but once we started writing the ideas didn’t stop and we we’re itching to be challenged by another full length.

Previously, we wrote and demoed all our songs before we even fully jammed them in a room. This time, the only demoes were rough dictaphone style recordings of riffs and melodies which were then fleshed out in the practice room, with only some live recordings capturing the finished ideas.

This is our first session with drummer Dave (also our first recording anyone else besides me and Lee), which has added a nice dynamic to the writing, so i’m really excited to see how these sessions come out.

We had a long day booked at the studio to get set up and work on some cool drum sounds, with intention of getting may half the songs tracks. Within 8 hours, Dave had nailed some great takes to all the songs.

More to come soon.