Vocals and Mixing pt 1.

Usually, we would record all the music, then record all the vocals, then begin mixing. When’s there’s 20-30 tracks to record, it’s a lot to do.

This time, to break it up, we’re doing vocals to a just a few songs, then mixing and finishing the song off, before starting vocals on the next batch.

This week, I worked on 3 tracks (Slabhead, Gonzo Junk & Porch Grunge). A mixture of old and new. slabhead and Gonzo Junk have been around for a while, they almost made it on Skeletons, then Down the Wave, and was sidelined when chosing tracks for Cyclops. These versions are sounding great, and I’m glad they finally made the cut!

Once vocals we’re recorded, I spent a day mixing each track. A couple of additional guitars we’re added, some taken away, before it all began to fall into place.

Once the mixes are complete, I listen to them on a crappy Bluetooth speaker, then I go and listen to them outside in the garden studio/workshop on a louder, bassier set up. If anything sticks out then I go back to the mix, before I send it over to the other guys for their comments and changes.

More Vocals on Sunday, time to experiment with some mics!