Vocals: pt 2

After a good week of mixing, it was time to get some more vocals tracked.

I had 4/5 songs ready for vocals, so I headed down to the studio nice and early to get as much down as possible.

On the way, I stopped for food and coffee supplies to keep me going through the day.

Once I had everything set up, I did a few test runs to warm up and make sure I have a good level, and that the mic was set up correctly.

I use an Aston Stealth for vocals, and I find the V2 setting works best for my lead vocals and V1 is better for backing.

I did 3/4 takes for each song, before doing some backing vocals and extra bits here and there. Later on, I’ll cut it back to the 2 best takes.

With 4 tracks now recorded, I was finished with an hour to spare, so I quickly started work on a fifth track, and was finished in half an hour.

Back to mixing for the next week or so, I’ll do some more updates shortly!