At the end of 2011, Steve Weston (guitar/vox) and Lee Yates (bass/vox) swapped demos and soon began work on two EPs which they self produced in their studio. Mixing their influences of 90’s grunge and alt .rock, High/Low was born.

Their debut EP ‘Forty’ was released Aug 2012, along with the ‘Raygun’ EP in November. The band also produced two videos to promote the title singles. In November 2012, High/Low made their first live appearance.

Most of 2013 was spent gigging, writing & promoting a Kickstarter campaign to fund a full length album, which during Feb-April 2014  they recorded ‘Stuck In A Void’ and released it 30 May 2014.

In late 2014 drummer Dave Pankhurst joined the band as a full time member and are currently working on their next release.