Recording Guitars: Part 1

We only released Cyclops 01st Jan, but we’re already tracking guitars to album no.5

I got an nice early morning start, and began setting up and getting the sounds all together, so I could just blast through the track.

The song for today is ‘Near my beard’.

The main sounds used for this was the Strat and Jazzmaster through my Orange CR120 whilst using a variations of mic and positions (SM57 / Rode M1).

For the crunchy sound in the middle, I used the faithful Beast Master Fuzz, through a small practice amp. You can hear it breaking up. It’s nasty!

The floaty bit of lead guitar in the chorus, is a Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus. I love that pedal so much, I bought two. I’ve had the first one since the 90s, and use it on a lot of tracks.