Guitars : Day 4

Today’s track is a lo-fi acoustic kinda chilled thing, that has been in my collection of instrumental demos for a while, until recently when I wrote the vocals and it all came together.

My main acoustic is a Framus, which I’ve had since about 95. I got it from a pawn shop in California when I was on holiday. Something about it stuck out, and I’ve had it ever since.

I played the track through twice, and used two mics to capture the acoustic. One up close near the 12 Fret, and another capturing the room. Pan those across the speakers, and it sounds big!

To thicken up the center, I added a 12 string, and all a sudden the track came to life and sounded complete.

The lead was done with the Strat and the Raygun FX EchoHead to make it atmospheric and swampy. I doubled this part and the two delays bouncing off each other sounded cool!

That’s all for now. More guitars soon