Guitars : 6 & 7

It feels like we’ve been in lockdown forever. It’s been almost a year since anything has been normal.

Luckily, we have plenty of songs to record to keep us busy!


Yesterday I ripped through a fast punky number, getting some great crunchy guitar sounds with the Jazzmaster and alternating between two mics on the guitar cab for the change between verse to chorus. (One was SM57, the other Rode M1).

This created an awesome change from each section, without changing any pedals or sound from the amp.

Lastly, a little bit of lead played with a slide was added, and double tracked. I’m my head I imagined it so sound like a backing vocal ‘oooh’. Sounds bit goofy, I like it.


Today’s session was a beast. The riff is so big, it required 4 layers of guitars to get it started! Then, I added a layer with a Bass VI through the Big Muff playing the main riff, just to make it meatier. It did the trick!

For the intro, the clean guitar sound was made by having the amp cranked near full, and then turning down the guitars volume pot. By sending less volume to the amp, it gives it a clean but also slightly hollow sound, which suited the part perfectly.

Sometimes you gotta try a lot of sounds and ideas to find something that suits the riff and the recording!

The Strat was used for the whole track, using a mix of different distortions & Fuzzes to create this chunky sound.

For the solo, I used an Octave Up & Down, to get that wide sound from just one guitar. I usually like to double track some solo parts, but this one needed to be tight, with a bit more balls to it. Combined with the Beast Master Fuzz, it sounds insane!