Bass Fuzz : Day 1

Steve sent over the tracks that he had been working on. He had already slammed down some guitars to 4 of them and they sounded huge!

He sent me the STEMS of the drums, guitars, Vocals and a guide bass (the original bass idea that Steve laid down when demoing). I quickly got to work on a track called ‘None One Electric’. There’s a lot of stabby bits in this track, so I was trying to get them as tight as possible.

I moved on to ‘Near My Beard’, I played a few takes of this one to see what would work best, keeping it simple was the way forward. After blasting through that I opened up the track ‘Eggs’. This sucker is a quick little riff that’s fun to play, I nailed that pretty quickly, which was a shame! I wanted to play it a few more times!!

To end this session, I went all lofi and recorded a really simple bass line for a track called ‘Porch Grunge’ (these working titles crack me up). There was no dirt/fuzz on this one at all, that very rarely happens

I can’t wait to do more