Ham Grenade – OUT NOW!

“Before lockdown, we spent a few weeks in the studio recording drum tracks to the many demos Steve had written, new and old. We knew we were losing our studio to developers, who had bought all the units. So we squeezed in as many sessions as we could.

This left us with LOADS of drum tracks that were ready to go, no studio, and the pending lockdown.

Steve starting moving things around and made his loft into a home studio, so he could work on the tracks we had made a start on.

I decided to dust off my 2008 Mac book pro and see if the old dog could handle some bass fuzz. It didn’t let me down.

This resulting in us putting together an EP in isolation. Sending tracks back and forth for the past few weeks has been fun and very different.

It’s raw and Fuzzy, We hope you dig it.”

Available now for free / Name your price at Bandcamp.com