Vocals – March 2021

We had already recorded some bits of vocals to a few of the older ideas some time ago, however there’s still around 35 tracks that need vocals recorded!

Last week I had a chance to record a couple of tracks at home, as well as get a session down at Bleeding Ear studios to really blast some out at full volume.

The main microphone I use a lot now is the Aston Stealth. It has 4 voices which basically change the characteristics of the mic. (2 for vocals, one for guitar and 1 that’s lofi/ribbon sounding). My other go to vocal mic is the Aston origin.

Lately, I’ve been recording 3-4 takes and using it my favourite bits. Most the time I keep 2 takes and blend the 2 through the song, sometimes pumping the double up on choruses.

For backing vocals, I usually jam a lot on the spot, and then try double, or triple it to make it really thick. Sometimes I have crazy ideas and we end up with 25+ backing vocals! I will cut them down when I get to editing them later.