Vocals – Beef Sessions part 3

For the past 4 sessions we have been tracking Drums, Bass and Guitars to 8 tracks out of the ridiculous 40 song list.

This week we managed to crack through 5 tracks:
Road, Hello, Lips, Skinny Head & Red Beard.

When we record vocals, we usually record 3-4 takes of lead vocals, then pick the best one. This time, we’ll pick the best bits of each take and piece together the parts that fit it best.

To record vocals, we use the Aston Origin, which doesn’t just look amazing, it sounds brilliant on pretty much anything.

Lead vocals (and backing) usually get double tracked, plus a lot of backing vocal ideas get put down, but not everything ends up in the final mix. It’s good to record more than you need and have options when mixing.

Dave also provided some backing vocals on Skinny Head & Red Beard. I didn’t realise he could sing that high, and then he says ‘I can hear another even higher vocal’ and then he actually did it. haha! It sounds huge!

Next week we have 3 tracks to starting recording Vocals too and a few left over parts to finish.

Once this session is complete, we will take a step back and start making some decisions on what tracks to release, what is next to record and also make a start mixing. It’s going to be a busy few months for us.

Almost half way there now!