Drums – Session 2

All of a sudden I had another 18 demos recorded. I sent them out to Lee and Sam, and they loved them.

We booked the studio once lockdown lifted start of December, hoping to get a day in to record 8/9 tracks.

Within 4 hours, Sam had blasted out takes for all 18! The man is a machine. He’s never practiced them, and only heard the demos a couple of times.

The Technical Guff

We usually record the drums in a similar way each time, using about 6-8 tracks.

1. Kick – D112 style mic

2. snare – SM57 on top.

3&4. Toms – Shure clip on tom mics. Easy.

5. Overhead – Rode M1

6. Room mic – RM1 Ribbon Mic.

7. Trash / Lofi Room – Old CB radio handset.