Back to the Recording studio… update #1

It doesn’t feel it, but a year ago today we released our debut album ‘Stuck in a Void’.

A year to the day later, we have started tracking drums to our second album. Originally we planned to do another EP, but once we started writing the ideas didn’t stop and we we’re itching to be challenged by another full length.

Previously, we wrote and demoed all our songs before we even fully jammed them in a room. This time, the only demoes were rough dictaphone style recordings of riffs and melodies which were then fleshed out in the practice room, with only some live recordings capturing the finished ideas.

This is our first session with drummer Dave (also our first recording anyone else besides me and Lee), which has added a nice dynamic to the writing, so i’m really excited to see how these sessions come out.

We had a long day booked at the studio to get set up and work on some cool drum sounds, with intention of getting may half the songs tracks. Within 8 hours, Dave had nailed some great takes to all the songs.

More to come soon.