Back to recording Guitars!

At the end of last month we took some time off to record the Acoustic Cyclops sessions, so this week it was time to catch up and track some more guitars.

We have 42 songs to record, and we’re well over half way, with the last 10-12 to go before we can start vocals.

The week, I worked on 3 new tracks. Each one has a different feel, so each song was approached differently. Using a mixture of guitars and pedals to create a few flavours, I tracked one song a day whilst drinking too much coffee.

I was lucky to get my hands on a Joe Meek VC3 compressor, and tried recording some acoustics though it. All off a sudden, the track came to life. To add some background ambience, I hung a mic out the loft window, and captured a few random noises and plans flying over.