‘Mould’ is Video of the week

Thanks to the Essex Gig Guide for making ‘Mould’ their Video of the week!

Here’s what they had to say..

“As Christmas is nearly upon us, mould brings to mind the prospect of a nice bit of Stilton on some crackers, washed down with plenty of Guinness. However we suspect in this case mould refers to Bob Mould – erstwhile frontman of US Alt Rock legends Hüsker Dü & Sugar. It’s no secret that the band are big fans although we can find no further reference in the lyrics. Perhaps the title was a place holder that stuck as the band do a fine job of channeling the spirit of those bands.

 The video features the band in the rehearsal studio laying down a demo to 4 track cassette recorder. For the benefit of younger readers this what bands had to use in the olden days before GarageBand.

 ‘Mould’ is taken from the forthcoming album ‘AUTOSPY’ – scheduled for release on January 29th. Pre-order it now for a discounted price and receive an instant download of ‘Mould’ We suspect some live dates in support of the album will be announced in due course.”