More Drums – 22 Jan (Beef sessions part 3)

After we spent the last two weeks jamming through this next batch of songs, it was time to lay down the Drum tracks.

We spent an hour setting up, tuning the kit, and tweaking mics before getting a coffee and discussing the plan for todays session.

Using my original demo as a guide track, Dave blasted through several solid takes for each song.

Here’s the 8 tracks we worked on:

  • Hello
  • Red beard
  • Hung
  • Lips
  • Surf City
  • 68 Skinny Head
  • Another Skeleton
  • Road

That’s now 23 songs with drum tracks! I have no idea how we’ll pick out songs to release. There’s a lot still to come.

Next week we’ll get some bass cooking, before guitar, vocals, backing vocals and overdubs.